Econokit: reduction of fuel consumption and polluting gas emissions

An Ingenious Patented Solution : Econokit combines economy and ecology

Econokit is a technical solution which is revolutionary It was developed and patented by French engineers. His system enables to reduce the fuel consumption up to 27% while improving engine performance, in an ecological approach by reducing more than 25% the volume of polluting gases (responsible of air pollution), by 15,5% the volume of CO2 and more than 73% the volume of particulate emissions from your vehicle(BUREAU VERITAS report N° : 2415961/1/1/REV1).

  • Small, compact and robust
  • No engine modification
  • Small amount of water needed (rain water or demineralised water) to operate
  • Compatible with any kind of engine (diesel or gasoline)

Many research has been carried out in this area but no product, until now, had brought a reliable solution and a concrete result to the field. Therefore, we have decided to verify our solution by a worldwide leader in services for conformity assessment and certification : BUREAU VERITAS.


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