I. TOP 10 of questions

Can Econokit brake or damage my engine?

Not at all, the improvement of the combustion decreases black smoke emissions.
The steam has a cleaning effect on the soot (valves, segmentation), which preserves the engine’s oil.
This last one being less dirty, the oil-changes are less often.

Is the water mixed with the fuel?

No, it is injected under the form of polarized steam in the combustion chamber through the air admission circuit.

Duration of Installation?

If you do it yourself, it will take around 2h. To help you, there are videos and instructions on our website (www.econokit.fr).
If the installation is done by a professional, i twill take around 1h30.

What happens if the water freezes?

An ice-cube will appear, then it will melt with the heat of the engine and the help of the heating probe. Econokit will start working once the water is unfrozen.
Make sure the hose coming out of the reactor doesn’t present a low point, because the water can accumulate by condensation when you are not driving. If this water freezes, the ice-cube will block the hose, preventing Econokit to work properly.

What happens when there is no more water?

The consumption goes back to what it was before. A prolonged use of Econokit without water in the bubbler can damage the floater by the heating probe. Make sure to remove the Econokit or unplug the probe if you no longer use it.

What are the modifications on the fuel injection system?


Is it possible to have no savings?

Yes, if the loading rate is very low, savings can be insignificant. This is why we have set up a « diagnostic tool » to verify these parameters before the installation.

What are the adjustments needed?


Is it compatible with other fuel savers?

No. Today, there is no similar system.

What is the kit’s warranty?

2 years for Europe, 1 year for the rest of the world. Except for the heating probe that is warrantied 1 year in every country.

II. About the engine

What is the loading rate?

It is the ratio between the average utilized power and the maximum power of an engine.

How do you calculate the loading rate of a gasoline or diesel engine?

The formula of the calculation of the loading rate is as follows: Tc = Hourly Consumption (L/h) x 100 / (Nominal Power (HP) x Specific Consumption

For example, for a diesel engine with mechanical injection: 1/0,207 = 4,83 rounded to 5 therefore:
Tc = Hourly Consumption (L/h) x 5 x 100 / Nominal Power (HP)

What is the engine’s regulation?

It is the capacity of an engine to adapt its consumption to the power needed, while keeping its speed constant.

Will the installation of Econokit damage or modify my car?


III. About the water

What is the water consumption?

For a car, 1 bubbler S for 1000km approximately.
For a truck, 1 bubbler L for 800km approximately.
These numbers are estimations from average results.

What is the ideal water temperature?

Between 25°C and 45°C.

What is the minimum water temperature?

Around 15 °C.

Is there a risk of corrosion with the addition of water in the engine?

No, a lot of water passes through an engine while running (rain, fog)

What kind of water must I use?

Never use tap-water. Use water with the least limestone, and without chlorine. Rain water is perfect. Slightly acid water is good too (PH of 6,5 for example). Demineralized water can also be used.

The Econokit doesn’t consume water anymore.

It is possible that the aspiration is too weak (or leak), that the water is too cold, but also that the loading rate of the engine is too low.

The Econokit consumes too much water.

It is possible that the aspiration is too strong, that the water is too hot, or that the air filter is sealed (dirty or blocked).

Can the water be sucked in the engine in a liquid form if I put too much water in the Econokit bubbler?

No because there are safeties:
– The bubbler is filled through the screw cap, therefore even if the engine is running, there is no more aspiration in the bubbler if the cap is unscrewed, and therefore there is no risk to suck in water through the hose.
– In the case of exceeding the maximum level (indicated on the bubbler) a siphon effect intervenes and the bubbler will empty out completely. Be careful not to place the bubbler above the alternator.

IV. About the fuel

Do I still need to put fuel in my vehicle?

Yes, Econokit does not replace fuel; its effect reduces the fuel consumption by improving the engine’s efficiency.

Can I use more fuel?


V. Performances

It no longer works, my car consumes like before!


– That there is water in the bubbler,

– That the bubbling is working properly,

– That the reactor is properly fixed on the exhaust,

– That all the silicone hoses are connected and not damaged.

Be careful for some vehicles, the consumption for 100 Km can stay the same if you convert the efficiency augmentation into the comfort of the drive: better accelerations, time saved…

Will the engine emit less smoke?

Yes; thanks to the improvement of the fuel combustion allowing the diminution of the soot and un-burnt fuel.

With Econokit, does the maximum speed rise?


VI. Installation

I’m changing car, can I keep my Econokit?

Yes of course, all you need to do is to take it off and re-install it on your new vehicle.

I can’t find a place to install Econokit?

Don’t panic, we are here to help you. You can contact an installer by going on our website.

Is my engine compatible with Econokit?

All diesel engines are compatible with Econokit:
– Turbo-compressed or atmospheric engines.
– With mechanical injection (old engines)
– With electronic injection, type common rail
– With pump injectors (with mechanical control or electronic system)
All gasoline turbo-compressed or not engines are also compatible:
– With carburetor
– With mechanical injection
– With electronic injection
– With mono-point injection
– With multi-point injection
– With direct injection

Can I install it on a motorcycle?


From what power on a generator?


My car is an automatic, is it an obstacle to the installation?


What are the adjustments to be made?

None necessary.

Do I need a power supply?

Yes, we use a occasional heating probe (100W) to be plugged into an after-contact positive.

Duration of installation?

Plan to spend a couple hours if you do it yourself. If you’ve done it before i twill take 1h30.

Tools for installation

A set of screwdrivers, cutter, pliers, wireless drill, drill of 16 mm. To facilitate the work, we advise you to get a ratchet wrench 1/4″ if you need to remove something.

Can I take it out easily?

Yes, the installation is reversible

What are the marks on the engine after taking it out?

The only mark that can remain is a piece of tape to fill the opening in the air admission hose where was the diffusor.

Can I install it by myself?


I don’t have any technical knowledge, will I succeed?

No, contact a profesional.

To be able to estimate the installation price, how long will it take for my mechanic to install it?

Between 1 and 2 hours.

VII. Legal questions

How can I be sure I didn’t buy a counterfeit?

Be careful with counterfeit. If the price seems very low or the quality insufficient, it might be a copy. In this case, contact us and we’ll help you clear up the situation.

Is the installation legal on my vehicle?


Is Econokit certified?

Not yet, but the certification of fuel-saving devices is not mandatory (02/26/1976 law, modified on 12/26/1997).

Can my vehicle go through the motor vehicle inspection?

Yes. To date, there hasn’t been any vehicle equipped with Econokit that had a problem because of it during an inspection.
Some vehicle that didn’t pass the inspection could finally succeed after installing an Econokit.

VIII. Fabrication of the kit

What is in the Econokit’s reactor?

There is a catalyst which improves physical and chemical reactions.

Lifetime of the kit?

In a normal use and using the correct water: it is around 5 years.

My Econokit is a bit different from the pictures on your website.

Don’t worry, you might have an older version of Econokit. These variations don’t change the performances.

IX. Miscellaneous

How to order?

By contacting us using the form available on www.econokit.fr section « contact ». We will connect you with the closest reseller to you.

What maintenance?

Once a year, verify the airtightness, the connections, the clamps, take out the bubbler and rinse it with vinegar water, blow in the hose that comes from the bubbler to verify that the reactor is not blocked.