Econokit: reduction of fuel consumption and polluting gas emissions

An Ingenious Patented Solution : Econokit combines economy and ecology

Econokit is a technical solution which is revolutionary It was developed and patented by French engineers. His system enables to reduce the fuel consumption up to 27% while improving engine performance, in an ecological approach by reducing more than 25% the volume of polluting gases (responsible of air pollution), by 15,5% the volume of CO2 and more than 73% the volume of particulate emissions from your vehicle(BUREAU VERITAS report N° : 2415961/1/1/REV1).

  • Small, compact and robust
  • No engine modification
  • Small amount of water needed (rain water or demineralised water) to operate
  • Compatible with any kind of engine (diesel or gasoline)

Many research has been carried out in this area but no product, until now, had brought a reliable solution and a concrete result to the field. Therefore, we have decided to verify our solution by a worldwide leader in services for conformity assessment and certification : BUREAU VERITAS.

New product ECONOKIT GAS: Official Launch December 11, 2012 in Paris to journalists

Econokit team is pleased to introduce the new Econokit Gas, exclusively for gasoline (petrol) and gas engines and totally independent! It works and it is the real revolution, without having to add water and without maintenance. No need to fill a container (bubbler), the system is completely maintenance-free! For more information click here

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